Is it Safe to Bury a Poly Water Tank?

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If you have purchased a water tank, then chances are you have purchased a poly water tank. Today, if built to standards, they are very strong and durable, made to withstand the Sun, and very well priced compared to steel tanks. Some poly tanks are made to be buried, but perhaps you’ve purchased an above ground tank? Can you bury it, and if so how deep?

Firstly, you shouldn’t just bury any poly tank since the strength of walls can vary greatly across different brands. If too thin, or not properly supported, then they can collapse inwards due to pressure outside the tank.

As a guide, we recommend burying your poly tank no more than 1 metre into the ground. It is important to dig your hole 300mm (12 inches) wider than the base diameter of your tank. If two tanks are to be buried side-by-side then separate holes must be dug.

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