Aussie Rainwater Tanks: Major Areas of Application

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water from tapMost urban Australians take domestic water supply for granted, completely overlooking the fact that most of our country is desert, number of fresh water resources is limited and the rainfall pattern varies greatly each season. For quite some time now, Aussies living in isolated areas have been utilizing Aussie rainwater tanks to collect water for meeting their various needs. Suppose if you were to install a rainwater tank, where could you use the water it collected? Read on to find out.

Uses of Aussie Rainwater Tank Harvest

  • Garden Watering- Irrigating gardens is perhaps the most popular use of Aussie rainwater tanks. Collected rainwater can also be used to fill a pond, a swimming pool or children’s inflatable water pools.
  • Outdoor Cleaning- You can use your rainwater harvest to wash your car or to perform any cleaning outside the house.
  • Hot Water- You can heat the collected rainwater by using solar cells to obtain 100% eco-friendly hot water supply to your taps and faucets. Water may need to be treated and filtered before it can be fed to electrical water heaters.
  • Cooling Towers- Do you have a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system in place that uses a cooling tower or condenser? If yes, you can use your rainwater tank’s harvest to fill these up.
  • Toilets, Showers and Cleaning- Collected water can be directed through piper to your bathroom and can be used for flushing toilets or serving bath showers. It can also be fed directly to your washing machine through a pipe.
  • Drinking Water- Didn’t we learn in school that rain water is the purest form of water? With adequate treatment within your home, a rainwater tank can be turned into potable water. However, it must adhere to the Australian Guidelines of Drinking Water as laid out by the government.

Whatever state you reside in, you will be able to use the water from your Aussie rainwater tanks for drinking (after treatment), garden watering and outdoor cleaning. Check with your local authorities for your area’s laws as well as for guidance on installing and managing tanks.

Interested in Buying a Rainwater Tank?

There are three Australian poly tank brands that I recommend:

  • National Poly Industries who supply quality tanks throughout Queensland and NSW.
  • Clark Tanks who manufacture and supply water tanks, servicing Queensland, NSW and Victoria.
  • Team Poly are a popular brand in South Australia, and provide an extensive range of poly tanks in different shapes and sizes. They deliver also to certain areas in Victoria and NSW.

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